To get briefly informed about what to expect of the tandem jump, we recommend you to read the following lines thoroughly and make the potential individual arrangements.

NOTICE! Due to various elements, such as uncertain weather, Shockjump despite the utmost effort cannot guarantee the exact time of the jump (not even in case confirming the date the very day in the morning) and therefore we advise you to pick a free, stressless jumping day.

After your arrival to the dropzone you get into care of a Shockjump organiser (black t-shirt with "Shockjump" logo and the inscription "STAFF") After a brief formality (signing the announcments, potential order adjustments etc.) you are up for a ground training, performed already by your tandem pilot. Tandem pilot wears you and fastens you up into the tandem system harnesses.
(As of that very moment until the moment of the tandem system being worn down is the tandem pilot fully responsible for the passenger).. Consequently, you get a few minutes long training about the jump itself (when, how and where to put your head, arms, legs etc.). You are going to be lifted to the height of 4000 m in 5-20 minutes (depends on the airplane). During the flight, you're free to admire the view, look into the lens, chat with the other passengers - according to your actual temper...
In 3500 m there's the last phase before the jump, where the tandem pilot fastens you up into his harness and gives you the last instruction. The plain slows down to 180 kmph after reaching 4000 m height and the door is opened.
Your moment's come - the tandem pilot walks to the door with you...
...and there's the free fall. Your only worry is just to fall and fall...
After several tens of seconds of the free fall, the tandem pilot opens up the parachute in height of 1800 - 2000 m. You'll feel the harnesses pulling you up and the fall turns into decline. After opening the tandem canope (which you can operate if you wish to) you have a chance to enjoy the bird's eye view in the height where even the curvature of the Earth is visible. During approximately 5 minutes of decline on the canope you get to see the bautiful nature.

Then, there's just the happy landing, hugging your family and friends, posing in front of the cameras and we believe that a long-lasting great feeling as well.

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