About us

Team Shockjump

tandem pilots

 Sašo Filo (2000+)
 Majo Piffko (1500+)
 Roman Bakič (3300+)

aerial cameramen
 Svaťo Kusala (900+)
 Vlado Kováč (300+)

organiser, ground camera,
videoediting, graphic design, webmaster

 Romana Olexová

dropzone team
 Ivana Trenčanová
 Nikola Baďová

The idea to establish Shockjump, Ltd. was born in july, in about the middle of 2008 skydiving season. We noticed there was, despite the public interest, no company that would offer a full set of professional tandem skydiving (tandem jumps) services with the aim to accent the customer's satisfaction and experience to the highest peak. Therefore we decided to set up a company that has the ambition to offer a complex experience product at the best quality level. Our crucial target is to provide the people who address us with an extraordinary adventure without any disturbances, which they'd like to share with family, colleagues or friends - either in form of the high-quality video recording and pictures, or recommeding the jump itself.

Repeating of the experience at our company would mean the top expression of satisfation concerning the services of Shockjump, Ltd.

We offer also
  • Promotional jumps
  • Professional reserve rigger services

  • Partner companies and partner websites
  • Pohoda festival
  • Emelix, s.r.o.
  • System Security, s.r.o.
  • Talianske kravaty
  • Trix Production, s.r.o.

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